PG SeriesSplit phase Off grid solar inverter

Split phase solar inverter

PG Series solar inverter is with split phase 120V/240V output, which combined functions of inverter, PV charger and AC charger. The comprehensive LCD display controller gives configurable and easily accessible operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority, and selectable input voltage based on different applications.


• Pure sine wave,split phase output

• Rated power from 4KW to 6KW, with DSP control

• Built-in MPPT 80A solar charge controller

• MPPT efficiency Up to 99%

• Toroidal transformer with AVR function.

• Low power consumption, high conversion efficiency

• Configurable AC/ Solar input priority via LCD setting

• Compatible to mains voltage or generator power

• WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring system(optional)

• RS485 communication for BMS (optional)


Technical Data

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Solar System Connection

This special model solar inverter charger is designed to specifically meet thesplit phaserequirement of markets in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, where

split phase power systems(2hot wires of 110V) are used. Each pure sine wave inverter and similar to otherlow voltagemodel has a output voltage of

110-120V with support to both 50Hz or 60Hz frequency.


Lcd Screen Information

1.LCD display

2.Status indicator

3.Charging indicator

4.Fault indicator

5.Function buttons

6.ON/OFF/Power saver button


Figure Back Panel Information

7. Battery“-”

8. Battery “+”


101 Remote control port

11.1 Dry contact

12.1 USB port

13.1 WiFi/GPRS device port

14.1 AC input switch

15.1 AC output switch

16.1 AC input

17.1 AC output

18.1 PV input


    Model PG 4KW PG 5KW PG 6KW
    Default battery voltage system 48V 48V 48V
    Rated power 4000W 5000W 6000W
    Suger power(20 ms) 12000W 15000W 18000W
    Capacity of motor 2HP 2HP 3HP
    Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    AC Voltage Regulation( Battery Mode) 100V-110V-120VAC/ 220V-230V-240VAC
    Inverter efficiency >85%
    Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz +/-0.3 Hz
    Over Load Protection 110%~120% in 30s, >160% in 3s
    Protection feature Battery high voltage, battery low voltage, overload, short circuit, over temperature, etc.
    Voltage 220V-230-240VAC( 2 hotline + 1 Ground)
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)
    Maximun PV Charge Current 80A 80A 80A
    Maximum PV Array Power 5000W 5000W 5000W
    MPPT Operating Voltage 60V-145VDC 60V-145VDC 60V-145VDC
    Maximum PV Array Open
    Circuit Voltage
    150VDC 150VDC 150VDC
    Overcharger Protection AGM:60V; FLD: 62V; USE: CV+4.0V
    Maximum AC Charge Current 40A 50A 60A
    Maximum Charge Current
    120A 130A 140A
    Machine Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm) 540*360*225mm 540*360*225mm 540*360*225mm
    Net Weight(kg) 38 41 44
    Typical transfer time 10ms 10ms 10ms
    Communication Interface USB/RS485 USB/RS485 USB/RS485
    Audible Noise 45DB MAX 45DB MAX 45DB MAX
    Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity( Non-condensing)
    Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
    Storage Temperature -15°C ~ 60°C
    Standard Warranty 2 year

    *Products specifications are suject to change without further notice

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