• تحليل خصائص العاكس الشمسي

    To start developing a solar inverter system, you must first understand the different characteristics of solar cells (PV cells). PV cells are semiconductor devices whose electrical characteristics are similar to diodes. However, PV cells are a source of electricity, and when they are exposed to light (such as sunlight), they become current sources. The most common technologies at present are monocrystalline silicon modules and polycrystalline silicon modules. The model of the PV cell is shown in the figure. Rp and Rs are parasitic resistances, ideally infinity and zero, respectively. The performance of a PV cell will vary depending on its size or the type of load connected to it, and the intensity (illuminance) of sunlight. The characteristics of PV cells…
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  • ما هي بطارية AGM?

    The AGM battery is a storage battery that was invented earlier and is more widely used. وهي عبارة عن بطارية من حمض الرصاص مختومة ينظمها الصمام (وتسمى أيضًا بطارية VRLA) باستخدام فاصل الألياف الزجاجية (AGM), ممثلة ببعض شركات البطاريات في اليابان. هذه البطارية هي نوع من بطارية VRLA. نوع البطارية الذي ينتمي أيضًا إلى بطارية VRLA هو بطارية نوع GEL. في ال 1990, جعل تطوير الاتصالات والطاقة الكهربائية بطارية نوع AGM تتطور بسرعة, مع حصة سوقية عالية وبطارية نوع GEL منخفضة نسبيًا. تستخدم بطارية AGM محلول مائي حامض الكبريتيك النقي كمحلول كهربائي, وكثافته 1.29-1.3lg / cm3. معظمها موجود في غشاء الألياف الزجاجية,
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  • ما هو النظام الشمسي الهجين

    A hybrid solar system is a grid-tied solar system that also has a solar battery for energy storage. These can give the best of both worlds because you can store excess energy in a battery for backup power during a blackout, or to use during expensive evening peak electricity pricing hours. The advantage of still having the grid connection is that you don’t need to 100% rely on your solar and battery. This means you can have a smaller and cheaper energy storage system compared to the same home that is completely off the public grid system. Net metering does economically what a solar battery does physically, allowing you to store the economic value of your excess solar energy (kWh…
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  • كيفية اختيار العاكس

    There are many conditions for the selection of transformer capacity of inverter power supply. (1) it can be chosen according to the economic capacity: when the iron loss of the transformer whose load ratio is 0.5-0.6 is equal to the copper loss, the efficiency is the highest, the capacity of the transformer at this time can be called the economic capacity, and the transformer can be selected according to the economic capacity. (2) selection of transformer capacity when the load is motor: if the load is asynchronous motor, the efficiency and power factor of motor should be considered, and the marked power on the nameplate of motor is the active power output of motor. In general, the capacity of the transformer can be selected by double (in high…
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  • كيف يعمل بالطاقة الشمسية

    Solar systems are beautifully simple in operation. Solar panels are noiseless with no moving parts and there is minimal long-term maintenance required. As a homeowner, you will enjoy lower utility bills thanks to your solar system. Solar cells convert sunlight into electricity via the “photovoltaic effect.” They are made of semi-conducting materials, the most common being silicon, which is the second most abundant element on the planet. Solar technology has been commercially used since the 1950s in applications ranging from calculators to satellites.   Solar systems function optimally when facing south and in full sun from at least 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, every day, throughout the year. Oftentimes, it is possible to design around shading caused by chimneys, dormers, or trees.
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